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  • Food And Drink Factory Building Sandwich Panel Production Line Use Sandwich Panel Pu

    Food And Drink Factory Building Sandwich Panel Production Line Use Sandwich Panel Pu PU wall sandwich panel Polyurethane wall energy-saving plates are used for building wall, the plate has good heat preservation, heat insulation, sound insulation effect. And polyurethane as auxiliary combustion, comply with the fire control safety. Polyurethane were added on the joint action, has the very high strength and stiffness. The Pu wall panels easy installation, short time to asstmble and beautiful. It is a new building material and becoming more and more widely used recently. It has below advantage as a new material for building: 1. no exposed screw surface, make the wall lookds beautiful and smooth. 2. High Bending strength, wall body machanics performance is superior, reduce dependence on auxiliary steel structure. 3. Plank to effectiely solve the cold bridge, heat preservation performance is remarkable, reduce the cost for building indoor air-conditioning unit. 4. A variety of appearance, make the wall looks beautiful.

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  • Medicine And Health Office Pu Panel Polyurethane Structural Insulated Sandwich Panel Roof 50mm Polyuretane

    Polyurethane cold storage panel, suitable for all kinds of fresh storage, low temperature storage, purification workshop. The effective lap width is 1000mm, and the plate specifications are 75mm, 100mm, 150mm and 200mm. The concave convex groove structure improves the insulation and air tightness of the plate joints, which is specially designed for refrigerators and warehouses. The board is uniform and stable, with excellent heat insulation performance and waterproof performance. Light weight, beautiful appearance, effectively solve the temperature difference of refrigeration industry. Within a certain modulus, the library body can be freely changed in the three directions of length, width and height, and can be expanded or reduced according to the needs. The assembly plate can also be disassembled and reassembled in different places, so the installation is simple and fast.

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  • Fireproof Pu Panel Wall Pir Pu Sandwich Panel Roof Sheet Polyurethane Cold Room Panels

    100mm PU sandwich panel Polyester resin, fluorocarbon resin and high weather resistant resin baking paint are selected for the surface of Pu wallboard. The metal surface can be galvanized sheet, 304 stainless steel sheet, aluminum manganese magnesium sheet, aluminum sheet, etc., so the corrosion resistance, acid resistance, burst resistance, high temperature resistance and aging resistance are particularly good. Polyurethane core materials are B1 or B2 grade or above flame retardant materials, with excellent thermal insulation performance.

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