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  • Cleanroom Lightweight Panel Modular Walls Clean Room Wall

    Cleanroom Lightweight Panel Modular Walls Clean Room Wall clean room wall quick building Advantages: 1. anti-rust, purificate board for operation room 2. light weight, it is much light weight than original cement reinforced concrete materials. 2. Quick install, it connect by male and female type assemble methord, easy to connect. 3. Fire resistant, not easy to burning compare with original materials. 4. water proof, the smooth surface make it very easy to clean and looks beautiful. 5. Good looking appearance, it can make custom colors like sky bluw, lemon yellow and apple green etc. Can be a good decoration material for wall. 6. Free cutting to any size you want, and can be custom in any length you want. 7. Short delivery, only need about 3-7 days to finish your order.

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  • Easy Install Clean Room Wall Panel

    The antibacterial glass magnesium rock wool hand-made sandwich board is suitable for projects with high requirements for fire prevention. The rock wool fiber is perpendicular to the metal panel, and the high-density strip rock wool is staggered along the long direction of the panel, which ensures that the antibacterial glass magnesium rock wool manual sandwich panel has good bearing capacity. Rock wool core material is A1 class non combustible material, so rock wool sandwich board has more than 1000 degree fire resistance. The fireproof time of 50 mm thickness is 74 minutes, and the sound insulation effect meets the standard of iso717 / 82 & uni18270 / 7.

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