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RTriangular edge manual sandwich board 


The surface of SAMZOON hand-made sandwich board with triangular edge is high-grade polyester paint color steel plate, and can be galvanized plate and stainless steel plate, so the corrosion resistance is especially good. The core materials of the products are all grade A flame retardant materials (except paper honeycomb), which will not melt when burning, and there is no high temperature decomposition dripping material. It is currently A high grade fire prevention building decoration composite plate in China, with high strength, impact resistance and good shock resistance. Middle word aluminum connection makes installation faster.

Product features

1, both sides for triangle molding, make edge bone strength better, and around galvanized keel more stick adhesive more firmly.

2, in the production of composite, eliminate due to the improper operation of workers led to color steel plate edge wrinkle and affect the manual plate installation beauty, and avoid workers because of the manual proficiency of different glue techniques including glue flow, to ensure the appearance of the finished product.

3, both sides are triangular edge molding, make the color plate edge and galvanized keel distance consistent, ensure the manual plate color plate edge consistent, installation splicing, patchwork seam more uniform more consistent, more beautiful.

Description:Rabbet type rockwool thermal insulating laminboard
Effective width:1180mm, normal:

300mm ≤ 1180mm

Length:It is made upon the need of user sand project requirement(Usual Length≦6000mm)
Applicable core material:Glass magnesium, rock wool, aluminum honeycomb, plastic extruding and polyurethane etc.
Mounting structure: 中-shaped aluminum.
Applicable industries: the pharmaceutical industry, food processing, medicine and health, disease control, inspection and quarantine, Optical technology, laser technology, precision instruments, microelectronics,etc.

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