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Male and female mouth manual sandwich board 

Installation structure: male and female joint.

50mm manual sandwich board


The surface of the product is high grade polyester resin, fluorocarbon resin, high weather resistant resin and other paint color steel plate, metal surface can be galvanized plate, 304# stainless steel plate, aluminum manganese magnesium plate, aluminum plate, so corrosion resistance, acid resistance, crack resistance, high temperature resistance, aging resistance is particularly good.Product core material are A level above flame retardant except paper (bee) materials won't melt during burning, no high temperature decomposition dripping, and automatic cleaning function, materials and environmental protection non-toxic pollution-free, dust-free workshop, at home and abroad is purification workshop, the operating room, pharmaceutical factory, electronics factory, 300000, 100000, thousands, thousands, hundreds of experiments the preferred products, high strength, impact resistance, good shock resistance, male female mouth splicing installed 3% faster to save cost.

Effective width: 1180mm, non-standard plate: 300mm ≤ 1180mm
Thick degree: 50 mm - 100 mm
Length: according to the needs of users and engineering requirements and size production (generally ≦6000mm)
Handmade board type: glass magnesium handmade board, magnesium thioxide handmade board, rock wool handmade board, aluminum honeycomb handmade board, paper honeycomb handmade board, polyurethane handmade board, glass magnesium rock wool handmade board
Applicable industries: the pharmaceutical industry, food processing, medicine and health, disease control, inspection and quarantine, Optical technology, laser technology, precision instruments, microelectronics,etc.

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