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Fluorine carbon magnesium sandwich board(FCM board) 

Mounting structure: Tongue and groove jointing

The product surface for senior polyester paint color steel plate, and can adopt galvanized plate, stainless steel plate, so the resistance Corrosion resistance is especially good, tongue and groove type splicing installation faster and more save cost.
Effective width: 1150mm
Thickness: 50mm--150mm
Length: It can be made as user's requirement(normal≦6000mm)
Core materials: fluorine carbon magnesium

SAMZOON exclusive research and development production of FCM sandwich board, compared with the previous generation of purification colored steel sandwich board has the below advantages:

1、PVDF coating cause the board have multiply ability of corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistant, which is an ideal plate high-grade purification and high-grade building engineering materials.

2、The PVDF coatings can develop professional infrared thermal insulation resistance function of fluorine carbon magnesium plate, is an ideal material for heat preservation demanding special plate.

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