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More than 15 years of industry experiences
Purification plate manufacturing expert
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  • Male and female mouth manu

  • 中--Shaped aluminum jointin

    Embedded wire tube manual

    The surface of SAMZOON embedded pipe manual s

  • Shaped rock wool glass mag
    The surface is high grade of polyester, PVDF polyester and fluororesin paint
  • Magnesium oxysulfate sandw
    SAMZOON's MOS board, compared with the previous generation of MGO board has
  • Fluorine carbon magnesium
    The product surface for senior polyester paint color steel plate, and can ad
  • RTriangular edge manual sa

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About Samzoon
Foshan SAMZOON Sandwich Panel Manufacturing Co., Ltd. located in Nanhai District of Foshan City, Guangdong Province, Tingpu Industrial Park (the park next to the FAW-Volkswagen factory), we are one of the professional manufacturers in southern China, specialized in types of metal sandwich panel for decoration purification plant, prefabricated houses, steel structure warehouse etc.
In 2015 we set up a joint venture with SAMZOON company of Australia and register it in the mainland of China, meanwhile we impoorted 2 production lines with the most advanced automated steel sandwich panel produced in order that our products can meet the requirement of high standard markets of developed countries in the range of cool room plate, cleaning plate, furnace plates, bake plate, coated fumishing plate, steel plant warehouse board, fence board , prefab house board and container house panels...etc. We are confident commitment to our customers: at the same price, our quality is higher than the others and under the same conditions of quality, our price is low to others.
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