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Outside waterproof pillar decomposition diagram

Outside waterproof pillar edge diagram

The pillars outside edge:supporting drilling screws JH211 secured to the stanchions boundary plane, using the JH212 fixed drill tail screwln the manual plate by screws, the JH211 and JH212 fixed, the JH215 button in JH211 groove, with the drill tail screw JH175 is fixed on the hand plale, using JH1 74 fastening JH175, angle R50 angle intersection yang.

Water-proof yin-yang angle decomposition diagram

Water-proof yin-yang angle diagram

The corner edge: support for drilling screws JH155 fixed on a plane surface, using drill tail screw fixed in JH155 Jh009 And JH157 crossing point, with drilling screws JH214 secured to the hand plate, using JH001J fastening JH214, JH213 fastening JH214, an intersection with R95 positive angle, angle of intersection with the R50 comer.

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